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2024/03/22 1LP
MURDER BY DEATH (180g Vinyl)
Grusin, Dave

The original 22-track program makes its long-awaited debut on vinyl in a jacket featuring artwork by iconic cartoonist Charles Addams, sourced from the artist’s original illustration. Limited Edition

2024/03/22 1LP $34.80
$34.80 (USD)
2024/02/02 2LP
Giacchino, Michael

First vinyl release of the soundtrack to Michael Giacchino's Emmy Award-winning film LOST Season 1.

2024/02/02 2LP $38.90
$38.90 (USD)
2023/12/01 2CD
THE SOUND OF MUSIC (Deluxe Expanded Editions) (2CD)
Rodgers & Hammerstein

Newly expanded, remastered and remixed edition of the one of the bestselling soundtracks of all time. With 14 previously unreleased tracks, this 2-CD set collects every musical element from the film for the very first time.

2023/12/01 2CD $23.50
$23.50 (USD)
2023/10/27 1CD
CHRISTMAS SONGS/ David Foster & Katharine McPhee (Not OST)
Foster, David

Having produced albums that have sold over half a billion records globally, David Foster is one of the most successful commercial producers and composers of popular music. This is a full album with songs from the EP released last year.

2023/10/27 1CD $23.30
$23.30 (USD)
2023/02/20 1LP
SCREAM (2022) (Vinyl)
Tyler, Brian

The iconic horror franchise Scream gets a fifth installment 25 years later. The LP’s initial run comes housed in a mirror board jacket with a printed inner sleeve filled with cast photos.

2023/02/20 1LP $32.80
$32.80 (USD)
2022/08/12 1CD
Powell, John

Varese Sarabande CLUB release. For this new album of The Bourne Identity, Powell has personally assembled a new, expanded program which he calls a "Tumescent Edition"?showcasing the evolution of some of the film’s. cues. Limited 1500 copies.

2022/08/12 1CD $29.50
$29.50 (USD)
2021/08/27 1LP
Guaraldi, Vince

For this one-time only 2021 printing, the jacket has been wrapped in a silver foil while the embossed Peanuts characters and tree have never appeared more striking.

2021/08/27 1LP $29.90
$29.90 (USD)
2018/12/31 1LP
POPEYE: The Harry Nilsson Demos (Vinyl)
Nilsson, Harry

Vinyl release. A collection created to focus on Nilsson's key contributions as a singer and not just a songwriter on this soundtrack. 1800 limited copies.

2018/12/31 1LP $30.80
$30.80 (USD)
2018/12/31 1LP
FRITZ THE CAT (Picture Disc Vinyl)

Fritz The Cat is the soundtrack to the 1972 X-rated animated film, directed by Ralph Bakshi. 2500 limited copies.

2018/12/31 1LP $30.80
$30.80 (USD)
2015/12/04 1CD
Burwell, Carter

Original Soundtrack from CAROL featuring 19 original score tracks by Carter Burwell and 5 song tracks from 1950's. DEC.4 release

2015/12/04 1CD $19.80
$19.80 (USD)
2001/06/21 1CD
Williams, Patrick

From the Monroe TV movie. Featured by the famous jazz artists.

2001/06/21 1CD $28.90
$28.90 (USD)
Santaolalla, Gustavo

OUT OF PRINT CD. Music by Oscar winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla! Also contains music by Ryuichi Sakamoto, El Chapo and others -a truly international mixed bag.

  2CD $19.80
$19.80 (USD)
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