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2022/11/30 DVD+CD
ENGAGE KISS 3 [Limited Release] (DVD+CD)

Includes episode 6 and 7. Includes a novel, character song CD Sharon Ver., and a special booklet.(Limited)

2022/11/30 DVD+CD $39.30
$39.30 (USD)
2022/11/30 2BD+2CD
ARMITAGE III Complete Blu-ray Box (2Blu-ray+2CD)
Nanba, Hiroyuki

All four episodes of the OVA series, "ARMITAGE III POLY-MARIX" and its sequel, "ARMITAGE DUAL-MATRIX," have been remastered. In addition, two hard-to-find soundtrack CDs are also included!

2022/11/30 2BD+2CD $129.80
$129.80 (USD)
2022/11/30 BD+CD
Extreme Hearts vol.2 (Blu-ray+CD)

Blu-ray volume 2. Includes episodes 5-8. Special booklet, bonus CD ("Extreme Hearts" original soundtrack vol.2), and special portrait are enclosed.

2022/11/30 BD+CD $78.80
$78.80 (USD)
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