2. MURDER BY DEATH (180g Vinyl)

MURDER BY DEATH (180g Vinyl)

Price(USD): $34.80

CD No: 725-3241
Release Date: 2024/03/22
Format: 1LP

Legendary composer Dave Grusin’s score for the whodunit comedy Murder By Death was released by Varese Sarabande on CD in 2018, now out of print and a collector’s item. The original 22-track program makes its long-awaited debut on vinyl in a jacket featuring artwork by iconic cartoonist Charles Addams, sourced from the artist’s original illustration. Murder by Death(1976) was legendary playwright Neil Simon’s send-up of the murder mystery genre, with take-offs of famous detectives invited to undertake an archetypal country-mansion whodunit. Limited Edition

Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 5 discs

Track List

Side A
1.Main Title/House of Twain/Sand and Wang
2.M. Perrier/Mushroom Idiot/Sam and Tess
3.Broken Bridge
4.Strange Weather
5.Angry Cat and Cozy Fire
6.I’ll Park the Car/Cobwebs
8.Trust and Change/No Kissing/Hands of Time/Wang is Wrong
9.Jessica Marbles/Death Mask/Toast to Lionel

Side B
1.Gather at Table
2.Swords and Beans
3.Lockin’ It Up/Twain Tango
5.Butler’s Demise
6.Holy Merde/Empty Room/Gun Shots/Re-Entry
7.Almost Midnight/12 Chimes/Knife in Twain’s Back
8.Mannequin/Dirty Work/Jilted/Fathered/Wang’s Father/Gay Bar/Goodnight
9.Deadly Steam/Scorpio/Gas Works/Think I’m Gonna Cry
10.Getting Taller/Cross Off Snake
11.Irving Goldman/Marvin Metzner/Poodle Session/Not Born With Beauty/Sam Enters
12.Numero Uno/Openin’ Up/Gwine Home 13.End Title