Price(USD): $29.80

Release Date: 2020/12/30
Format: 1CD

Kronos Records are extremely proud to present CIVILTA DEL MEDITERRANEO (di FOLCO QUILICI) by the great Maestro BRUNO NICOLAI.

The score for the Italian television docu-series CIVILTA DEL MEDITERRANEO is a delicate and melodic one, with composer Bruno Nicolai employing sensitive strings and light floating woods that are accompanied by harpsichord and subtle percussion. The combination of this instrumentation creates a pleasing and haunting work, that must be among the higher-ranking scores by this much under applauded composer.

This is one of Nicolai’s most appealing soundtracks, it is filled with diverse and varied content including haunting tone poems and wonderfully thematic interludes that work within the series adding depth, atmosphere and colour to the proceedings. The score is also one that becomes affecting when listened to as just music away from any images.

Released originally in 1971 on the EDI PAN label, the album soon disappeared because like so many of Nicolai’s releases it was a limited pressing. 49 years later Kronos Records release this for the first time ever on CD format.

This superbly thematic and entertaining soundtrack is an essential addition to any Italian film music collection.

Liner notes by our long time friend and collaborator John Mansell of MovieMusic International.

The CD is a limted edition of 300 copies and is not going to last very long. A True Gem!

Release: Late December to Early January

Track List

1. Il Mare
2. Khan
3. L'Altra Sponda
4. Moghul
5. Civilta' Mediterranea
6. Iman
7. Malaga
8. Ginn
9. Tonnara
10. Civilta' Mediterranea
11. Rime Classiche
12. Sonetto d'Amore
13. Mammoletta
14. Il Mare
15. Aria di Danza
16. Chiostro
17. Vaghe Bellezze