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Release Date: 2019/12/13
Format: 1CD

Kronos Records is proud to present the soundtrack to the 1961 Italo-Franco co-production I FRATELLI CORSI (The Corsican Brothers), the silverscreen adaptation of “Les Freres Corses” a novella by reknown Frech writer Alexandre Dumas, pere, first published in 1844 about Siamese twins separated at birth but who have a strong psychic link as adults. The story was adapted for the silver screen by Paul Andreota and Bruno Guillaume, the latter also directed the film. The film starred Geoffrey Horne in the dual role of twins Paolo and Leone Franchi, Valerie Lagrange in the role of Lady Edith, Gerard Barray, the leading hero in Adventure-Movies made in France this time in the role of the bad guy of the story Giovanni Sagona and Italian superstar Amedeo Nazzari in the role of Orlandi.

The musical score was penned by none less than Maestro ANGELO FRANCESCO LAVAGNINO (composer of SALADINO, URSUS E LA RAGAZZA TARTARA and a myriad other gorgeous scores) who wrote a large-scale score full of beautiful melodies and a wide range of thematic material, ranging from the big orchestral adventurous pieces to quieter more intimate pieces performed by smaller ensembles for the more personal scenes between the main characters. Maestro Carlo Savina, another of Italy’s leading soundtrack giants of the Golden Age of Italian cinema conducted the orchestra in this unmissable classic. Not surprisingly in this period both Maestro Lavagnino and Maestro Savina had come much in demand on both sides of the Atlantic for their talent and musical versatility.

Our collaboraton with the SUGAR CAM Archives has helped us unearth this gem nearly sixty years after the film was released. The CD features all the musical elements that were available in the Italian vaults. Note that some of adventure themes used in the film were stock material therefore they are not present on this CD. We also opted to present the tracks as they appear in film order.

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Release Date: 2019.12.

Track List

1 . Opening Credits
2 . Who was it?
3 . Dances Interrupted
4 . Cry No More - Paris 1845
5 . Your Night
6 . Ambush
7 . Go!
8 . A Tale Of Slaughter
9 . Nocturnal Ride
10. Arrival of Lady Edith
11. Talking About Love
12. Leone Sees Lady Edith
13. After The Kidnapping
14. Lady Edith and The Kidnappers
15. Leone Escorts Lady Edith
16. Lady Edith Is Back
17. Dance
18. Engagement
19. Night Fight
20. Edith
21. I Want To Talk
22. Paolo's Mystery
23. Surprise Visit
24. Gabriella
25. Edith's Letter
26. Face To Face
27. Giovanni Sagona Must Die!
28. Tomorrow Morning At Six
29. Brothers Take Shelter
30. A Carriage For Dr. Dupont
31. No one breaks his word
32. Twin Vengeance
33. Paolo Locked Away
34. The Wait
35. Edith and Gabriella
36. Duel
37. Duel - Part 2 (film version)
38. Paolo Rides Away
39. Giovanni Dead
40. Leone Arrives
41. Paolo's Sacrifice
42. Vengenace Is Accomplished
43. End Credits (film version)
44. Dances (complete version)