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Release Date: 2024/07/05
Format: 1CD

Kronos Records proudly presents another beautiful gem by AL GLASSER in THE GOLD COLLECTION.

COP HATER is a 1958 American crime film noir by William Berke starring Robert Loggia, Gerald S. O'Loughlin and Ellen Parker, based on the 1956 novel by the same name, ritten by Ed McBain, taking place in the 87th Precinct in New York City.

The music was written by prolific composer ALBERT GLASSER, composer of Viking Women And The Sea Serpent, Motorcycle Gang, The Big Caper, The Monster Maker, The Cisko Kid Returns, The Gay Amigo, Grand Canyon and various others, who composed a beautiful film noir style soundtrack, rich in both big orchestral moments to more jazzy and big band swing style tunes, making this a true iconic score of its era.

Some of the tracks tape sources were far from ideal conditionwise but we did what best could be done to make them sound as good as possible. As always we strive to proserve the original sound while trying to make it the most pleasant lsitening experience possible. We hope you enjoy the end result as much as we do!

The CD is strictly limted to 300 copies and guaranteed to not last very long. -- from label

Track List

1. Main Title
  2. Teddy
  3. Newly Weds
  4. Carelli and Maguire
  5. An Inspector`s Funeral
  6. Everybody Loved My Boy
  7. Mama Lucy
  8. Driving With Teddy
  9. Maguire Shot
10. Terry`s Bell
11. My Name Is Mercer
12. Carelli Arrives
13. End Credits
14. Source Music
15. Maguire Shot
16. Teddy
17. FX 1
18. End Credits (alt 1)
19, Run And Coke
20. End Credits (alt 2)
21. FX 2
21. Teddy