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Release Date: 2022/09/16
Format: 1CD

Once again we are proud to present another beautiful and rather obscure but very precious gem for the THE KRONOS GOLD COLLECTION.

THE PROUD AND DAMNED is a 1972 film, written and directed by Ferde Grofe Jr and starring the late Chuck Connors in the lead role. Also starring Aron Kincaid, Jose Greco, Henry Capps, Smokey Roberds, Peter Ford, Andres Marquis and Cesar Romero! The story takes place in 1870. Five ex-Confederate soldiers get embroiled in a foreign civil war south of the border.

The music for THE PROUD AND DAMNED was composed an conducted by GENE KAUER & DOUGLAS M. LACKEY, a duo that scored a long string of films together, most notably Agent for H.A.R.M. (1966) Brother of the Wind (1973) Across The Great Divide (1977) and ADVENTURE FAMILY (1977).

Their music brought a really high level of excitement to this film with a very strong latin flavour to the score, primarily a Mexican flavour with a Hollywood flare.

It is an adventure score with lots of beautiful melodies, where the acoustic guitar plays a key role in both the action cues and the more romantic ones, underscoring the relationships and interactions of our Proud and Damned crew with the locals with whome they have formed a bond.

A very exciting release that was prevously never released in any format, making this yet another World Premier release by Kronos Records! This release would have not been possible without the help of David Schecter and the Lackey Estate. Our deepest appreciation and that of all those who buy this CD.

STRICTLY LIMITED TO 300 COPIES! --- from label.

Track List

  2. Forward
  3. Cantina N1
  4. General
  5. Hang
  6. Paco
  7. Ride To Posada
  9. Ryde With Gypsy
10. Ride To Hill
11. Leave Paco
12. Soldiers Ride Up
13. San Carlos
15. POV
16. Padre
17. Cantina 2
18. He and She
19. Let's Do It
20. Hide Out
21. Scout
22. Juan And Ike
24. Monastery
25. Knife
26. Ear
27. Jose Dead
28. Paco - Paco
29. Rifle Shot
30. Oxcart
31. Cabin
32. Blow
33. Chuck and Mila
34. Buenos Noches
35. Camp Zing
36. First Fight
37. Will Hangs
38. Ride To Will
39. Cut Will Down
40. Dig
41. Troup Review
42. Cesar Talks
43. Bombas
44. Escape
45. Charge
46. Battle Over
47. Parlay Over
48. Ride To Cannons
50. Martinez Camp
51. Gone
52. End Title