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Release Date: 2018/08/25
Format: 1CD

Kronos Records is very proud to present the soundtrack to the Stelvio Massi 1974 film GIUDA UCCIDE IL VENERDI (MAKRO) , starring Sophia Kammara, Leonard Mann, Angelo Infanti, Franco Citti, Dada Gallotti, Luciano Rossi and Umberto D'Orsi. The score was penned by none less than the legendary NICO FIDENCO (Immagini Di Un Convento, Boccaccio 70, Zombie Holocaust and many more) and conducted by GIACOMO DELL ORSO, pretty much Italian Film Music Royalty. Previously only a 7'' ep containing the Italian sung main song of the film on side A and the English version on side B). This is a world exclusive and it is the first time GIUDA UCCIDE IL VENERDI is out on CD and for the first time in its complete form.

The score to GIUDA UCCIDE IL VENERDI is an eclectic mixture of various genres, ranging from lively uptempo pieces to quasi hypnotic and eerie, verging also on the Rock side of music at moments, with hints of 70's and prog rock elements. Fidenco and Dell'Orso were never scared to be daring and this score is indeed a daring one, a daring and gorgeous score that will haunt you and throw you back 4 decades back where there was so much to explore musically.

A real gem that you cannot afford to miss! Order now!

Strictly Limited To 300 Copies.

Release Date: 2018.8.25

Track List

2 . Tema
3 . Titoli Prolungamento
4 . Gioventu
5 . Un Viavai
6 . Allegro
7 . Suspense - Rise And Shine
8 . Rise And Shine
9. Suspense II

10. Macabro
11. Suspense III
12. Estasi
13. Allegro
14. Suspense IV
15. Andante
16. Rise And Shine
17. Allegro
18. Allegro
19. Passione
20. Giuda Uccide Il Venerdi (instr)
21. Suspense IV (alt)
22. Coda
23. Coda
24. Suspense II (alt)
25. Strimpello
26. Passeggiata
27. Rise And Shine (short)
28. Suspense - Rise And Shine Prolungamento
29. Suspense II (alt 2)
30. Mistero
31. Giuda Uccide Il Venerdi
32. Passeggiata (alt)
33. Rise And Shine