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Release Date: 2020/08/31
Format: 1CD

Kronos Records is proud to present ALL AGAINST ALL (Vsi proti vsem) A political drama with elements of a thriller discussing politics, electoral fraud, and the decay of moral values, taking place in the fictional town of Rovte under the idyllic Alps. Franta, a corrupt mayor, is about to lose the election. After a TV debate, where he fails utterly, Franta calls his mistress Jozica in desperation. She advises him to seek the aid of Fleischmann, a criminal who is the only one capable of solving the problem on such short notice. After all, there are only four days left until the elections.

The musical score is by the Italian KRISTIAN SENSINI , composer of HYDE'S SECRET NIGHTMARE, ROCKS IN MY POCKETS and KUARTETS. Sensini composed a truly engaging score in classic Italian fashion, inspired by the alltime Italian greats, but not copying anyone. The music varies between the minimal to fully developedthemes varying from the slow pace to faster bits with hints of 70's prog rock to atonal yet melodic flavour. A very entertaining set of composition, even as a standalone album. This factor and what director Andrej Ko?ak's had to say about the composer, "I think I have found my Ennio Morricone. Kristian has made a score which perfectly suits my film." make this an album really worth having.

The composer is establishing himself as one of the contemporary composers to keep not an eye but both eyes on.

The CD is limited to 200 copies, buy it, you will not regret it!

Release: Late August / Early September

Track List

1. Franta's Theme
2. Fleishmann
3. Puzzle Pieces
4. Berjinc's Theme
5. Guilty Secrets
6. Confrontation
7. Leaving
8. All Against All
9. All The Major's Women