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Release Date: 2018/11/09
Format: 1CD

KRONOS RECORDS and OVIESCORE MEDIA take a hard ride with Dead Men, reuniting with composer Gerrit Wunder who had already proven his experience in genre scoring with Kiss the Devil in the Dark and Creatures of Whitechapel. His music for Dead Men takes the viewers down to the Arizona territories, where writer/director Royston Innes and writer/actor Ric Maddox follow the path of a young man forced on a journey to avenge the death of his father, protect the Apache tribe he has grown to love and reclaim the land and gold that is rightfully theirs.

“The challenge when composing the score for Dead Men was keeping a modernized Sergio Leone-esque root and pair it with a Native American tone while frequently bending off into intense action thriller-like chases and suspense music.“ explains the composer about creating the unique sound palette for the film. “Growing up with Italian western movies in my home country, Austria (which was actually not very different from the Old West back in its 1800s), I quickly started feeling comfortable with this style.“ The music alternates between action-packed set pieces and desert ambience using country music, Native American sounds and the best traditions of spaghetti westerns in the vein of Ennio Morricone.

Austrian-born composer Gerrit Wunder studied film music at the University of Music in Vienna. He is one of the few composers who consecutively won both the ASCAP Competition and BMI Award for Aspiring Film Composers. His list of documentary credits include The Sound of Hollywood (about Max Steiner) and Na-Naia: Legend of the Dolphins featuring Kate Winslet, Daryl Hannah and Megan Fox. More recently Gerrit worked alongside composer Rupert Gregson-Williams on Postman Pat - The Movie, he also scored the TV Pilot DAWN for MGM, directed by Robert Stromberg (Maleficent) as well as nature- and sports documentaries for “Red Bull Media”. Gerrit Wunder resides in Los Angeles. His scores for Kiss the Devil in the Dark and Creatures of Whitechapel are released by ScreamWorks Records.

Release Date: 2018.8.25

Track List

1. Titles
2. They Are Coming For Us
3. What Are You Going To Do, Jesse?
4. Escape
5. What Have You Done
6. Ben And A Hundred Horses
7. Sissy And Jake
8. Shootout In The Woods
9. Remember This Day
10. Capturing Ila
11. Jesse Buries His Father
12. Apache Sanctuary
13. Apache Territory
14. Hallucinations
15. Hunting Vance
16. Sorrow
17. The Heist
18. He Was Not Your Father
19. White Man’s Offer
20. Cole Took Your Wife
21. The Battle
22. Aftermath
23. Victory at Great Cost
24. This is For Deets
25. Titles (Reprise)