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CD No: KRON113
Release Date: 2022/09/16
Format: 1CD

KRONOS RECORDS is proudly present the soundtrack to CLARET, by Spanish composer OSCAR M LEANIZBARRUTIA. it is our first collaboation with this incredibly talented young artist, the first of more to come. The musical score for Claret, is a perfect example of music going hand in hand with the storyline that is unfolding on screen and is a collection of impressive and effective thematic material that transcends the boundaries of music in film by working its magic away from screen images and sequences. The score contains so many delicate and poignant musical moments it is difficult to comprehend that so much beautiful music can come from just one movie. There is an abundance of totally enthralling parts to this score, it invades the listeners brain, heart and soul, stirring inner feelings that at times are awash with melancholy, and at other moments purvey drama, romance and a real sense of joy.It was evident back in 2016, that this was a composer who possessed a rare quality and an infinite talent for conveying emotions musically. His gift for melody is staggering, seemingly plucking simple themes from the air and elevating them to sound near epic in proportion, his sweeping and mesmerizing compositions tantalise and fixate any listener and evokes the music of film music Maestro’s such as Ennio Morricone, Mark McKenzie, Basil Poledouris, and Marco Frisina to name but four.This soundtrack was previouly available only in digital streaming, now finally available on CD!!!The CD is limited to 300 copies. --- from label.

Track List

1. Claret - tema principal
2. Madrid 1930
3. La Pena de Azorin
4. Los planes de Antonio
5. La traicion - Carma
6. Tesoros en el cielo
7. En mision
8. Primera predicacion - Guerra
9. Segunda predicacion
10. Un arzobispo misionero
11. Cuba
12. La esperanza de Lucas
13. Boda
14. Ave Maria
15. Ataque
16. Derrotado
17. Esclavo
18. La reina nina
19. ?Por que me has traido aqui?
20. He firmado el tratado
21. Exilio de Azorin
22. La revolucion
23. Exilio de la reina
24. Trailer