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CD No: KRON111
Release Date: 2022/05/13
Format: 1CD

KRONOS RECORDS proudly presents the soundtrack to FAREWELL GULSARY (2021). Famous Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov's novel “Farewell, Gulsary!“ deals with old age, loss, and disenchantment but at the same time celebrates the beauty of life and what we make of it. On this long night in the mountains Tanabai reflects on his life while we in turn learn about Gulsary's, told from the perspective of the horse itself. Sensitively written by Aitmatov and first published in 1963, the wistful story was adapted as a two-part radio play for German MDR radio by award winning director Heike Tauch under the title “Abschied von Gulsary“ in 2021.

The music is the work of our friend Andre Matthias (THE LIGHT THIEF, FOUR ASSASSINS, WISH YOU WERE HERE, GAZA MON AMOUR). As always Andre delivers the goods with his beautiful, heartfelt score for this radio play. The music has an ethnic flavour to it, transporting you to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan but more precisely into Gulsary and Tanabai's hearts and souls.

The CD is limited to 300 copies.

Track List

  1. Tanabai
  2. Gulsary
  3. The Camel's Lament (Koshok)
  4. The Herd
  5. Dreams and Memories
  7. Night
  8. Pacer
  9. The Storm
11. Dark
12. Dshaidar's Song
13. Racing
14. The Vanished Summer
15. Drudgery
16. For Choro
17. Winter
18. Time Passes
19. The New Age
20. The Old Hunter (Koshok)
21. Farewell Gulsary