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  2. スーパーマン (180g重量盤2LP)

スーパーマン (180g重量盤2LP)
SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE (Black Vinyl, 180g 2LP)

価格(税込): ¥7,128

レーベル: MONDO
品番: MOND215B
発売日: 2021/09/24
フォーマット: 2LP


Mondo is proud to continue it's on-going celebration of the DC film universe, with an all-new limited edition pressing of one of the most iconic film soundtracks of all time: John Williams' legendary score for SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE.
The marketing for SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE cleverly described itself as a film that would make you 'believe a man could fly,' but no one involved in the film could be prepared for how that newfound belief would change the world forever. Now, nearly 43 years later, the superhero film industry shows no signs of slowing, but very few have achieved the visual and sonic miracle that the late Richard Donner and the inimitable John Williams were able to do with their epic origin story.
Featuring all new artwork by DKNG, Produced by, and featuring extensive liner notes by Michael Matessino, and pressed on 2x 180 gram black vinyl.


1 Theme from Superman (Main Title)
2 The Planet Krypton
3 Destruction of Krypton
4 The Trip to Earth
5 Growing Up
6 Love Theme from Superman
7 Leaving Home
8 The Fortress of Solitude
9 The Flying Sequence & Can You Read My Mind
10 Super Rescues
11 Lex Luthor's Lair
12 Superfeats
13 The March of the Villains
14 Chasing Rockets
15 Turning Back the World
16 End Title