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価格(税込): ¥4,268

レーベル: KRONOS
品番: KRONCD115
発売日: 2023/06/02
フォーマット: 1CD


フランク・イルフマンは、ヤッファ音楽院でトロンボーンとピアノを学び、13歳でテルアビブ・ディキシーランド・バンドに入団、リード・トロンボーンを担当し、編曲も担当した。映画音楽への情熱は、バイエルン・スタジオを訪れた際に、当時『ネバーエンディング・ストーリー』の音楽を担当していたドイツの作曲家クラウス・ドルディンガーを紹介されたことで火がついた。その後、60本以上の映画やテレビ番組の音楽を手がけるようになる。彼のブレイクは『オオカミは嘘をつく』の作曲で、その音楽はMovieScore Mediaからデジタルフォーマットで、Kronos RecordsからCDで発売されて間もなくサターン賞を受賞した。イルフマンの最近の作品には、モンスター映画『Abulele』、超自然スリラー『センソリア/死霊の館』(ScreamWorks Recordsから発売)、レジェンダリー・ピクチャーズの新しいロゴなどがある。



Once more KRONOS RECORDS teams up with our friend Frank Ilfman (Big Bad Wolves, Rory`s Way, Speer Goes to Hollywood) to release the soundtrack of MATCHMAKING, the latest film by acclaimed Israeli director Erez Tadmor. Truly an entertaining and good-hearted romantic comedy that gives a light Orthodox twist to "Romeo and Juliet", without the tragedy.

Frank Ilfman originally studied trombone and piano at the Jaffa Conservatorium of Music, then at the age of thirteen he was joined the Tel Aviv Dixieland Band where he played lead trombone in addition to arranging for them. His passion for film music was ignited when a visit to Bavaria Studios got him introduced to German composer Klaus Doldinger, who was scoring The Neverending Story at that time. Since starting out, Frank had scored over sixty films and television projects. His breakthrough was written for Big Bad Wolves whose music won a Saturn Award shortly after being issued by MovieScore Media on digital format and Kronos Records on CD. Some of Ilfman’s other recent credits include the monster movie Abulele, the supernatural thriller Sensoria (also available from ScreamWorks Records) and the new logo of Legendary Pictures.

The composer fashions a more than appropriate and supporting soundtrack for the scenarios that are unfolding on screen, taking a full dive into a Balkan stayle for the main body of the film. The music supports the storyline via hints of comedy that punctuate and underline the proceedings. The score however does have a serious and melancholy side with the composer fashioning softer, subtle interludes that effectively add depth to the emotional side of the narrative. These delicate and expressive styled interludes shine through from time to time and create touching and affecting nuances that purvey a sense of fragility and romance.

The CD is a limited edition of 300 copies. Definitely an unmissable title if you are into Frank Ilfman`s music!


1. Opening Titles
2. So Perfect
3. A Tall One
4. Second Date
5. She is Nice and Pretty
6. Can We Order
7. Getting Married
8. Matchmaking
9. Shabbat Dinner
10. The Spy
11. Deep In the Dirt
12. The Blind Date
13. The Hotel
14. Knaidlach
15. What Do You Think
16. A Beautiful Girl
17. Will You!
18. Note to Love
19. What Did She Say
20. End Credits
21.The Babayaga Dance Feat.The Grozdan Band (Live)