価格(税込): ¥3,388

品番: INT-7154
発売日: 2019/06/07
フォーマット: 1CD


Intrada releases soundtrack CD for Universal’s latest Blumhouse horror picture! From the company that brought you modern horror classics Get Out, Us, Happy Death Day, Split, Glass, Happy Death Day 2U, Paranormal Activity, The Purge as well as serious fare including BlacKkKlansman, Jason Blum produces, Octavia Spencer, Juliette Lewis, Tate Taylor, Allison Janney, Luke Evans star, Scotty Lands writes, Tate Taylor directs, Gregory Tripi scores. Lonely middle-aged Spencer befriends group of teenagers, invites them to party in her basement. She has some house rules but… so far so good. Then she grows possessive. Then worse. Then, the nightmare host from hell! Gergory Tripi (ABC’s The Fix, Drive, Contagion) creates mood of suspense that gains in intensity as it progresses. Electronics dominate unusual score but Tripi includes additional colors from bassoon (an instrument he studied), Halo drum, ukulele, piano, cello, voice. Unique! Trips launches with gentle, plaintive melodic figures over sparse sustained harmony. Suspense enters quickly. “You Can Beat It Ma” develops melodic shape further, allows for sentiment. Architecture remains cohesive throughout with unusual Halo (handpan in two sizes producing tones from melancholy to striking to exotic) dominating. “You Don’t Look So Well” introduces darker element with degree of deep lower register colors alongside steady pulse. From this point onwards, Tripi allows ever-increasing element of fear in his music. By “Cool It With The Pics”, listeners become aware grim proceedings have taken the lead. Frightening highlight: “Maybe I Should Cut It Off”. Another chilling highlight: “This Ought To Shut You Up”. Special spotlight goes to “I Am Not My Mother”. Here, grim elements are augmented by dramatic bass drum, looped rhythmic synthesizer figures while shifting higher melodic material hovers above. “Up In Flames” brings score to dramatic albeit classically-tinged idea that offers brief respite before yielding to intense, rustling finish. Musical architecture plays in not so much of an arc as it does one ever-ascending line dipping and spiking on its way to the top. Neat idea! Score performed by Gregory Tripi, bassoon & Halo drum performed by Tripi, cello performed by Adele Stein, vocals performed by Amy Botello. Add Ma to you horror soundtrack collection, turn out the lights and listen in fear!!



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01. I Was Just A Kid
02. You Can Beat It Ma
03. Pretty Cool, Huh?
04. Nobody's Here But You And Me
05. Mercedes Stakeout
06. Modern Babes In A Modern World
07. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
08. You Don't Look So Well
09. Not Saying Shit
10. Hey Ma, Loser
11. Pow
12. Cool It With The Pics
13. Go Feed The Animals
14. You're Making Your Business My Business
15. This Is Your One Warning
16. All In Boxes
17. Sue Ann Flashback
18. Maybe I Should Cut It Off
19. You're Missing Out
20. That Much Diazepem
21. Those Big Doe Eyes
22. This Ought To Shut You Up
23. We Have History
24. Who's In The House?
25. Set The Picture
26. I Am Not My Mother
27. Up In Flames