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  2. マラソン・マン/パララックス・ビュー


価格(税込): ¥3,663

レーベル: FSM
品番: FSM-VOL13-NO05
フォーマット: 1CD

長年CD化が望まれていた、マイケル・スモールの傑作サスペンス・スコア2作品「マラソン・マン」と「パララックス・ビュー」が同時収録! 3000枚限定盤。

『マラソン・マン』・・・“巨大な歴史の裏に潜んだ 〈悪夢〉が追いかけて来る! 全米のベストセラーを恐怖と戦慄で描くサスペンス超大作--” ウィリアム・ゴールドマンが自作を脚色し、ジョン・シュレシンジャーが重厚なサスペンス・スリラーに仕上げた傑作。現代のニューヨークに突然復活するナチの恐怖、その陰謀に否応なく巻き込まれていくひとりの男。二転三転する充足度満点のストーリーを、ダスティン・ホフマン、ローレンス・オリヴィエといった芸達者が支え、実に見応えのあるドラマが展開されていく。
マラソンが趣味の大学院生ベイブは、恋人といるところを何者かに襲われる。やがてその事件は、ベイブを、ナチ戦犯が画策するダイヤ密輸事件へと引き込んでいく……。 1976年米

『パララックス・ビュー』・・・“要人暗殺が平然と行われている現代アメリカ!秘密組織「パララックス」から黒い影が伸びたとき……目撃者は消され証拠は消えていく!” 上院議員暗殺事件を追うジャーナリストのフレイディは、パララックスという暗殺組織の存在を突き止める。その実態を暴こうとする彼に、パララックスは黒い手を伸ばすが……。政府機関による暗殺組織の恐怖をスリリングに描いた社会派サスペンス。監督: アラン・J・パクラ、出演:ウォーレン・ベイティ、ウィリアム・ダニエルズ。 1974年米

FSM presents two superb Michael Small thriller scores long requested on CD: Marathon Man (1976) and The Parallax View (1974), both from the Paramount Pictures vaults?two classic works of pain and paranoia from the 1970s.

Marathon Man gave cinema one of its most iconic and frightening scenes: Laurence Olivier, as a fugitive Nazi dentist, torturing Dustin Hoffman with dental equipment while repeating the perplexing question, “Is it safe?” The film was directed by John Schlesinger from a screenplay by William Goldman (based on his book) and also starred Roy Scheider, Marthe Keller and William Devane. The film is equal parts international intrigue, historical speculation, character development and pitch-perfect suspense?a masterpiece of the genre.

The Parallax View, directed by Alan Pakula (see FSM’s CD of Klute/All the President’s Men), was a political thriller starring Warren Beatty as a quirky reporter who stumbles upon an all-powerful organization, The Parallax Corporation, recruiting assassins for nefarious ends. With its breathtaking filmmaking, paranoid conspiracy theories and downbeat implications, no film made the doom and gloom of the Watergate era so fascinating or pleasurable.

A huge part of the success of both films is their music by Michael Small, a master of the suspense and subtlety required of these pictures. Marathon Man features a melancholy main theme for Hoffman’s troubled graduate student and a foreboding anthem for Olivier’s Nazi, as well as fascinating textural ideas such as pitch-bending strings, ominous piano and piercing synthesizer. The Parallax View centers on a skewered patriotic march for the Parallax Corporation, and features a five-minute pop-rock source cue, “The Parallax Test,” for a pivotal recruitment film. Both scores feature arresting action cues that emerge perfectly from the atmospheric dissonance.

Marathon Man, although produced second, comes first on this CD as it is newly mixed from the original 16-track 2” multitrack tapes for modern stereo sound. No scoring session masters survived for The Parallax View, so its score is presented in mono (given a light stereo reverb for listenability) from the film’s edited music stem.


Marathon Man
1. Main Title 3:00
2. Tragedy at the Truck 1:31
3. In Hot Pursuit/Out of the Race 1:19
4. Bellman and Pram 1:47
5. The Doll’s Demise 0:51
6. Biesenthal Flashback 0:39
7. Soccer Ball 0:56
8. Elsa’s Intrigue 0:36
9. Szell Arrives 0:27
10. Love Scene 3:00
11. The Letter 1:00
12. Airport 0:51
13. Resemble Diamonds/Fountain Appointment 1:48
14. Scylla Stabbed 1:51
15. Doc Dies 0:34
16. Nightmare of the Past 1:22
17. Bathroom Terror 1:49
18. False Rescue 1:12
19. Betrayal/Drilling Horror 0:50
20. Escape 0:44
21. Chase Pt. I 2:08
22. Chase Pt. II 0:57
23. Urgent Phone Call 1:37
24. Calculated Risk/Gang Moves In 1:58
25. House on the Hill/Approaching Showdown 2:39
26. Jewelry Market Pt. I 1:23
27. Market Continuation 0:28
28. The Recognition 1:47
29. Szell Escapes 1:25
30. All That Glitters Pt. I/All That Glitters Pt. II 0:41
31. Too Close/Essen 0:33
32. Diamonds of Death 1:17
33. Babe Tosses Gun 1:53
34. End Credits 2:00

Total Time: 48:23

Bonus Tracks
35. Main Title (alternate) 2:59
36. Fountain Appointment (alternate) 1:40
37. False Rescue (alternate) 1:09

Total Time: 5:52

The Parallax View
38. Commission and Main Title 2:42
39. Morgue 0:51
40. Sheriff’s House 0:58
41. Car Chase 1:12
42. Testing Center 1:05
43. Out to Sea 0:52
44. Slide of Art/Austin Sleeps 1:56
45. Parallax Test 4:55
46. Art in Cafeteria/Suitcase Bomb 3:55
47. Gunmen Search 1:30
48. Joe’s Final Run 1:29
49. End Title 2:02

Total Time: 24:01

Total Disc Time: 78:30