2. ONGEKI: ONGEKI Vocal Party 05

ONGEKI: ONGEKI Vocal Party 05

Price(USD): $19.30

CD No: ZMCZ-14965
Release Date: 2021/08/25
Format: 1CD

The original character song series from the SEGA arcade music game "ONGEKI" has evolved into the "ONGEKI Vocal Party" series with a new look! There are also new songs and solo versions of each song! Includes 1 "SR+ Ongeki Card" that can be used at game arcades (total 3 types) and 1 "Star Ticket" serial code that can lift the upper level limit of "Ongeki Cards". Newly-illustrated cover artwork.
Release Date: 2021.2.24

Release Date: 2021.8.25