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Label: Zarathustra
CD No: ZM013
Release Date: 2021/09/14
Format: 1CD

Original soundtrack to the 2020 film composed by Elliot Goldenthal. 'Zarathustra Music is proud to present the original motion picture score to THE GLORIAS composed and produced by Oscar-winning composer Elliot Goldenthal. Directed by long-time collaborator Julie Taymor, THE GLORIAS, Goldenthal states 'the constant in the movie is the bus out of time ride that sometimes includes four ages of Gloria with four actresses simultaneously in a timeless journey. Sometimes a solo amplified guitar seems to suggest the open expanse of the American Road and the timelessness of personal reflection. Sometimes the personal is contrasted with the political where full orchestra rises with the aspirations of large gatherings, such as the 1977 Houston Conference or the March on Washington to the worldwide Women s (pink hat) demonstrations of January 2017. The challenge in these scenes was to score the ebb and flow of the large motivational speeches and reactions of the large range of emotions in the listeners.' Other instrumentation Goldenthal used in the film included a solo piano acoustic plaintive theme that accompanies the tender scenes with Gloria and her mother and saxophones and experimental Jazz form of the 1960s that fit into the urban settings. For me, the last bus ride offered a great opportunity to gradually be fully expansive. This was orchestrated with a string quartet ending with full orchestra that played completely unbroken through the Main On End Titles of the film, continued Goldenthal. About THE GLORIAS Journalist, fighter, and feminist Gloria Steinem is an indelible icon known for her world-shaping activism, guidance of the revolutionary women s movement, and writing that has impacted generations. In this nontraditional biopic, Julie Taymor crafts a complex tapestry of one of the most inspirational and legendary figures of modern history, based on Steinem s own memoir My Life on the Road. THE GLORIAS (Julianne Moore, Alicia Vikander, Lulu Wilson, Ryan Keira Armstrong) traces Steinem s influential journey to prominence from her time in India as a young woman, to the founding of Ms. Magazine in New York, to her role in the rise of the women s rights movement in the 1960s, to the historic 1977 National Women s Conference and beyond. THE GLORIAS includes a number of iconic women who made profound contributions to the women s movement, including Dorothy Pitman Hughes (Janelle Monae), Flo Kennedy (Lorraine Toussaint), Bella Abzug (Bette Midler), and Wilma Mankiller (Kimberly Guerrero). Taymor gives us her singular take on that rare genre-the Female Road Picture, one in which the female leads do not die in the end, and where the narrative is not driven by romance or a bad marriage, or unrequited love or, for that matter, men. Gloria s road story is about her Meetings With Remarkable Women. And that is a love story in itself.

Track List

1. The Greyhound (02:12)
2. Steinemite Jukebox (01:10)
3. Her Solitudes (03:24)
4. Jaipur Station (01:24)
5. Leo's Days (01:21)
6. Choice Now! (01:58)
7. The Witch's Brew (01:59)
8. Passing an Elegy (03:50)
9. Selectric (01:37)
10. Bella's Hat (01:37)
11. Slow Dance With Two (03:24)
12. A Torch Passed (02:09)
13. E.R.A. Now (01:19)
14. Treadmill Agitato (02:48)
15. Other Side of the Mountain (02:07)
16. We the People (03:57)