2. INDIANA JONES: The Complete CD Collection (5CD)

INDIANA JONES: The Complete CD Collection (5CD)

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Label: Disney Music
CD No: XVCD64-e
Release Date: 2024/03/27
Format: 5CD

[OUTLET] There are some scuffs on the printing on the back side of the box. (See photo below.-The brightness is reduced to suppress the reflection of the vinyl.)

Re-live the thrilling world of Indiana Jones with the first CD box set with all five soundtracks from the historic franchise in one place. This extraordinary compilation will take listeners on a journey around the globe. Experience the full collection of music from legendary composer John Williams as he takes us on an incredible journey of sound, emotions and storytelling with his iconic themes and melodies. His masterful soundtracks capture the true spirit of the characters, excitement and adventure that provide a musical experience as timeless as the films themselves. If you are a devoted fan or music aficionado, the Indiana Jones complete CD box set is a must-have.

Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 6 discs

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