Price(USD): $21.80

CD No: XCR004
Release Date: 2023/05/22
Format: 1CD

This release is a Xrosscounter Music release exclusively distributed by Notefornote Music. For the first time ever, Joe Renzetti's score to the 1980 James Glickenhaus directed cult classic hybrid of action, revenge and horror is available on CD. Officially licensed by Xrosscounter from James Glickenhaus, the music was carefully remastered and released on vinyl over a year ago. Joe Renzetti worked closely with the producers to give fans the best presentation of the score.

Contains iconic song “Heal It” by Roger Bowling, Byron Hill and Mike Reid which is making it's release debut on this soundtrack.

Track List

Film Version:

1. The Beheading
2. Heal It (Performed by Roger Bowling)
3. Beer Fight
4. Jefferson's Mugging
5. In Hospital/Jefferson & Eastland
6. Into Gangster's House/Dog Attacks
7. Dirty Stories
8. Fried Pimp/Fried Chicken
9. Gouls, Gang Bangers, Shot/Car Chase
10. Jefferson In Hospital/Eastland Pulls The Plug
11. Shipyard Chase/Shootout

As Reimagined:
12. The Beheading

13. Beer Fight

14. Jefferson's Mugging

15. In Hospital/Jefferson & Eastland

16. Into Gangster's House/Dog Attacks

17. Dirty Stories
18. Preps Bullets & Guns/Eastland
19. Fried Pimp/Fried Chicken

20. Gouls, Gang Bangers, Shot/Car Chase

21. Jefferson In Hospital/Eastland Pulls The Plug

22. Heal It (Full Song)