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CD No: WRRT2023032
Release Date: 2023/03/17
Format: 1CD

The third album from Alexander Nakarada continues the music period and adventures of the Scandinavians, Anglos, Saxons, and Jutes, as they explored more fertile lands of the English Isles and beyond. Alexander Nakarada is a Norwegian composer, that ITI Music has the privilege to license and release the enclosed album. As a full time, composer, he has written more than 300 pieces, along with music for games and has thousands of views and likes on social media. If you are a fan of Peter Gundry and the music of Skyrim, you will enjoy this album. All Music by Alexander Nakarada (www. Serpentsoundstudios. com) Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 4. 0 License

Track List

1. Highland Song 5:40
2. Autumn Walk 3:18
3. String Interlude D 3:03
4. Battle of the Creek 2:46
5. The Road Home 3:54
6. Rise Again 2:22
7. Tam Lin 4:21
8. Neverland 3:32
9. Blacksmith 2:40
10. Impact 1:55
11. Fractions 4:20
12. Tranquil Fields 2:27
13. Village Ambiance 6:17
14. The Parting Glass 3:43