2. SEGA Archives - M2 Music Memorial - (2CD)

SEGA Archives - M2 Music Memorial - (2CD)

Price(USD): $25.80

CD No: WM-857
Release Date: 2023/04/27
Format: 2CD

SEGA has developed for a variety of home video game consoles: "SEGA AGES ONLINE," "SEGA 3D Reprint Project," and "SEGA AGES." All of these are developed by M2 Inc. This 2CD set contains 74 tracks in total, which are produced by the sound staff of M2. Also included are "Replay - MODEL1 Arr Ver. -" from "SEGA AGES Virtua Racing," "HAYA-OH - Arcade Ver. -" from "3D Space Harrier," and the Special Mode BGM collection from "3D Power Drift," all of which have been eagerly awaited for CD release since their release. The CD also includes three "-Extra Ver.-" main BGM tracks from "3D Thunder Blade," which are original takes of the original tracks. Included booklet is a must-read for fans and includes comments from the development staff full of secret stories.