2. MEGA DRIVE MINI 2 -Celebration Album-

MEGA DRIVE MINI 2 -Celebration Album-

Price(USD): $21.80

CD No: WM-850
Release Date: 2022/10/27
Format: 1CD

In commemoration of the release of "Mega Drive Mini 2" on October 27, 2022, SEGA Corporation simultaneously releases the CD "Mega Drive Mini 2 - Celebration Album -". This album features "Menu Music" by composer Yuzo Kodai, which is played on the console's menu screen, and 12 masterpieces carefully selected by arranger Kei Takanishi, who is well-known for his work on the sonosheets that accompanied the legendary game magazine "Beep" and the "Technosoft Music Collection" CD series. The music of 12 masterpieces are carefully selected and presented in super-arranged versions. Comes with a booklet including a story about the production of "Menu Music" and a commentary on the super-arranged versions of the songs by Kei Takanishi, making this a must-have item for old and new fans!
Release Date: 2022.10.27