2. ALESTE COLLECTION - Music Album (3CD)


Price(USD): $36.90

CD No: WM-837
Release Date: 2022/04/21
Format: 3CD

A soundtrack CD containing the music for the Nintendo Switch(TM)/PlayStation 4 version of Aleste Collection the songs included in this CD cover the game music from the five titles in the Aleste Collection. From the legendary popular Aleste shooting series, Aleste for the Sega Mark III (1988), POWER STRIKE II for MASTER SYSTEM (*overseas version) (1993), GG Aleste for Game Gear (1991) and GG Aleste II ( The BGM for GG Alesta 3 (2020), a completely new game for the Game Gear created for the Alesta Collection, has been newly recorded from the actual Sega hardware machines that were the originals for each game. The music for GG Alesta 3 was recorded from the actual Game Gear under the complete supervision of sound designer Manabu Namiki, who was also the development director of this game and handled all the music. In addition, this album includes not only the arrangement tracks created for Alesta Collection, but also the menu back ground tracks for Game Gear Micro White (*recorded from the actual Game Gear), which was included in the limited edition, as well as a new arrangement by GG Alesta composer Keishi Takeuchi KG TAKEUCHI. Two self-remixed tracks newly created for this soundtrack CD are included as Special Bonus Tracks. The booklet includes comments from sound designers Keishi KG TAKEUCHI Takeuchi and Manabu Namiki, as well as newly drawn illustrations from GG Alesta and GG Alesta II planner/graphic designer Hiroki Daigattai Kodama! Some tracks may contain noises from the actual game machine.
Release Date: 2022.4.21