2. IL BOOM (12 Inch Vinyl)

IL BOOM (12 Inch Vinyl)

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Label: WHP(IT)
CD No: WHP1441
Release Date: 2020/06/12
Format: 1LP

Written by Cesare Zavattini, directed by Vittorio De Sica and interpreted by Alberto Sordi, “Il Boom” can be easily considered as one of the most peculiar film comedies in the Italian post-war era. Premiered in the USA in 2017, more than 50 years after its release in 1963, the film has been described as something between Buster Keaton, David Lynch, and Billy Wilder. Some sort of very current dark satire of the consumer society.
Part of the film’s surreal atmosphere is due to the original score composed and produced by the legendary Piero Piccioni. A weird and very dynamic mixture of different music styles including Jazz and various popular dance grooves of the period such as samba, twist, calypso, and hully gully. A simple and yet very effective compositional technique based on both serious and funny elements at the same time. The soundtrack includes “Samba Della Ruota”, Piccioni’s first use of samba for Alberto Sordi’s films.
A choice that would soon become a real passion and trademark for the great Italian comic actor. -- from the label.
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Track List

A1 Organ Grinders Boom 3:09
A2 Spleen Economico 2:39
A3 Samba Della Ruota 9:22
B1 Nuovo Spleen Economico 5:27
B2 Big-Ben Boom 3:27
B3 Big Boom Hully Gully 2:15
B4 Tony Twist 2:10
B5 Calypso Transistor 2:15
B6 Nuovo Boom 3:25