Price(USD): $19.90

CD No: WE10087-3
Release Date: 2015/09/18
Format: 1CD

Re-issue of a true blast from the past in the form of Richard band’s and Joel Goldsmith’s original score to the 1977 sci-fi cult classic LASERBLAST. Kim Milford Stars as Billy Duncan, a down-and-out young kid who stumbles across a discarded alien laser weapon out in the California desert, who then proceeds on a maniacal shooting rampage after being posessed by the laser gun’s original alien owner.
This is the original film score by two veterans in the sci-fi film and TV genre: Band later became known for such works as METALSTORM, RE-ANIMATOR, PIT AND THE PENDULUM, GHOULIES, PUPPET MASTER as well as television episodes of STARGATE SG-1 and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.
Joel Goldsmith, son of legendary maestro Jerry, later went on to score films such as KULL THE CONQUERER, JOBMAN, WATCHERS, and VAMPERELLA. Joel also handled the regular scoring chores for such TV series as THE UNTOUCHABLES, STARGATE SG-1 and STARGATE: ATLANTIS.
For LASERBLAST, Richard and Joel employed innovative electronic techniques which pre-dated the use of MIDI and other digital mediums. Also included are several 70's rock and roll style source cues which have also been tracked in another cult horror favorite, THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW.

Track List

1 Laserblast Main Title 1:58
2 Mom's Leaving :23
3 Billy's Radio NR. 1 2:09
4 Grandpa and Kathy :50
5 Billy's Radio NR. 2 3:16
6 Deputy Chase 1:19
7 Chuck's Radio NR. 1 2:24
8 Alien Blasted/Billy Finds Gun/First Laserblasting 1:49
9 Billy and Kathy 1:17
10 Aliens in Ship/Alien Boss on Screen :49
11 Tony Discovers Black Spot 1:05
12 Party Music 4:27
13 Love Theme After Fight :48
14 Billy in Mirror/Chuck Goes to Car 1:07
15 Chuck's Car Gets Blasted 1:49
16 Tony Arrives at Police Station :36
17 Operation Montage/Dr. Mellon Examines Billy 1:09
18 Lab Montage
19 Billy at Gas Station
20 Billy and Kathy Make Love
21 More Laserblasting
22 Chuck's Radio NR. 2
23 Billy Battles Plane
24 Billy Blows Town Up
25 Laserblast End Title