2. ALADDIN Musical Movie NEX Collection (2Blu-ray+2DVD+2CD)

ALADDIN Musical Movie NEX Collection (2Blu-ray+2DVD+2CD)

Price(USD): $81.50

CD No: VWAS-7468
Release Date: 2023/08/23
Format: 2BD+2DVD+2CD

Appearing on Disney's 100th anniversary!
With the masterpieces of Disney's music and images, the world of Disney's music and images is now available in a permanent edition! The world of images and music presented by Disney is now available in a dream come true permanent edition!
The animated and live-action MovieNEX and the original soundtrack CDs are now available as a limited edition set.
Release Date: 2023.8.23(Limited)

Track List

2 Blu-ray discs
2 DVDs
2 CDs
Lyric cards
Special digi-case (with pocket)
Three-sided clear case
Digital copy (cloud compatible)
MovieNEX World (evolved content with a special site for purchasers only)