2. SLOW LOOP Ending Theme: Shuwashuwa [Limited Edition] (2CD)

SLOW LOOP Ending Theme: Shuwashuwa [Limited Edition] (2CD)

Price(USD): $22.90

Label: flying DOG(JPN)
CD No: VTZL-197
Release Date: 2022/02/23
Format: 2CD

Slow Loop is an anime on fishing, lifestyle, cuteness, healing, and bonds with friends and family. single! The outro single is sung by a voice artist unit "Three Loop" formed by the three voice artists who perform the main casts. The title track, "Shuwa Shuwa," is a refreshing pop tune that sounds like cider, sung by two sisters, Hiyori and Koharu, and Hiyori's childhood friend and classmate, Ren. The coupling song is "Yuru Yura Riru", a relaxing good night song. Limited Edition comes with a CD featuring anime "Slow Loop" score music. The cover artworks are newly illustrated different for respective editions
Release Date: 2022.2.23(Limited)