2. CAROL & TUESDAY Blu-ray Disc BOX Vol. 1 (2Blu-ray+CD)

CAROL & TUESDAY Blu-ray Disc BOX Vol. 1 (2Blu-ray+CD)

Price(USD): $336.80

CD No: VTZF-100
Release Date: 2019/10/30
Format: 2BD+CD

Bones 20th anniversary x Flying Dog 10th anniversary project: Original TV anime "Carole & Tuesday" directed by Shinichiro Watanabe to release Blu-ray Box Vol. 1. Includes episodes 1-12 and a bonus CD, "CAROLE & TUESDAY Supporting Tracks Vol.1" featuring insert tracks not included in "VOCAL COLLECTION". Slip case packaging, digi-pak. Slip case newly illustrated by character designer, Tsunenori Saito, and digi pak newly illustrated by Tadahiro Uesugi. Comes with a 80-page booklet. [Special bonus for purchase of all the two volumes is available thru. JAN 6, 2020]
Special Features: making-of movie, "Story of Miracle Special Edition vol.1," music video for intro theme, "Kiss Me," four flash anime episodes, creditless intro & outro, commentary videos for each episode (12 episodes)
Release Date: 2019.10.30