2. ANOTHER EDEN Original Soundtrack 4 (4CD)

ANOTHER EDEN Original Soundtrack 4 (4CD)

Price(USD): $53.50

CD No: VICL-65511
Release Date: 2021/06/23
Format: 4CD

The fourth soundtrack of the popular app game "Another Eden" is now on sale! This 4-disc set will contain a total of 73 tracks, including the second part of "Toki no Megami no Kikan" with 68 tracks newly added from Soundtrack 3. The package will have a gorgeous Digi-pak design, and the cover artwork will be a newly drawn cover by the game's concept artist, Hotaka Yamanaka, as in Soundtrack 3. Concept art stickers for "Ten" and "Ketsu" are included.
Release Date: 2021.6.23