2. THE TIME MACHINE: The Deluxe Edition

THE TIME MACHINE: The Deluxe Edition

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CD No: VCL-807-251-1170
Release Date: 2023/02/24
Format: 1CD

The Time Machine was DreamWorks’ 2002 big-budget adaptation of H.G. Wells’ seminal 1895 novella. Adapted by John Logan (Gladiator) and directed by Simon Wells?the author’s great-grandson?it drew from both from the original book and George Pal’s popular 1960 film version.

In the new film, Guy Pearce plays an inventor who creates a time machine to travel back in time and prevent the death of his beloved fiancee. But he is catapulted into Earth’s far future, where he helps a society of peaceful Eloi free themselves from the vicious, underground-dwelling Morlocks.

The Time Machine was the first solo score for German composer Klaus Badelt, then working for Hans Zimmer, but soon to have a prominent career of his own: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Constantine, The Promise, Poseidon and many more.

Badelt wrote a sweeping, magnificent, fan-favorite score for The Time Machine. The music is acoustic and symphonic, befitting the aesthetics of the 19th century protagonist, and the grand, romantic adventure he takes across time. The orchestra is embellished with tribal music for Earth’s future denizens, and aggressive, modernist stylings for the terrifying Morlocks?all of it beautifully produced for a modern blockbuster.

Varese Sarabande released The Time Machine in a 15-track program at the time of the film. This Deluxe Edition expands the album to 23 tracks and 76 minutes, with new liner notes by composer and author Brian Satterwhite. --- * Excerpt from the label

Track List

1. Opening Titles (Professor Alexander Hartdegen)
2. Wish Me Luck
3. Marry Me
4. Emma Dies
5. In A Week…
6. Bleecker Street
7. Emma Dies #2
8. I Don't Belong Here
9. In The Year 2030
10. Time Travel / Asteroid
11. Where Am I?
12. Are They Friendly? / Good Night
13. The Stones And The River
14. Morlocks Attack
15. Where The Ghosts Are
16. Descending Into Morlocks' World
17. The Master
18. Time Machine Fight
19. Alex Reconsiders
20. The Escape
21. Godspeed
22. Moonsign
23. Good Night: Suite