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CD No: VCL-1142-2
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Format: 1CD

A rare out of print CD. This classic John Scott score from 1987 returns in the Varese Encore series. The score features a justly famous main theme which is unquestionably one of Scott’s best. The unusual thing here though is that its fame is largely due to it's appearance in another movie entirely. The resolution and embrace between John and Holly McClane at the end of Die Hard … that’s John Scott’s Man On Fire. Sweeping and lush. Other parts of the score - much more intense. Remastered and available for the first time in over two decades !

Set in Italy, a wealthy U.S. family hires a bodyguard to protect Sam (Jade Malle), their 12 year old girl from being kidnapped for ransom. The bodyguard is John Creasy (Scott Glenn), a burned-out and mentally broken ex-CIA agent, who is haunted by images of his past. Although Creasy is not interested in being a bodyguard, especially to a twelve year old, he reluctantly accepts the assignment after persuasion from his friend David (Joe Pesci). At first, Creasy barely tolerates Sam and her annoying questions about his past life and personal experiences. However, as he begins to genuinely care for Sam, his defenses drop, and he opens up to her. Sparked by her parents frequent absences, Creasy quickly becomes a friend and father figure to her. He offers her advice, guidance and help with her track and field running. Creasy's love for Sam begins to ease his troubled conscience.

When Creasy is car-jacked and Sam is kidnapped his new life is destroyed. Despite the serious injuries sustained during the kidnapping, Creasy vows Sam's safe return, and vengeance on her kidnappers. By systematically hunting down the individuals involved Creasy slowly gets closer and closer to finding Sam.
Limited Edition of 1000 copies * Excerpt from the label

Track List

1. Man On Fire (4:41)
2. The Bomb (2:51)
3. Snake’s First Victim (2:04)
4. Sam Wins the Race (2:00)
5. The Villa At Night (1:41)
6. The Ransom Drop (1:48)
7. Start of the Search (2:37)
8. Death Of Creasy (2:52)
9. Becoming Friends (1:50)
10. The Kidnapping (1:11)
11. We’ve Got Each Other (1:57)
12. Rabbia Must Die (3:08)
13. Sam Runs Into Danger (1:12)
14. Reconciliation (1:42)
15. Premature Death (1:43)
16. Reunited (3:14)