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CD No: VCL-0909-1099
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Format: 1CD

Varese Sarabande Club release. Limited Edition of 1500 copies.
Music Composed and Conducted by Franz Waxman A landmark! One of Franz Waxman’s greatest and most loved scores is finally available on CD for the very first time! It’s a jazz masterpiece that absolutely sizzles! It explodes with energy from the very first note. Crime In The Streets finally joining Franz Waxman’s CD discography is a major event!

The film is a cult classic from 1956. The New York City Hornets and Dukes youth gangs confront each other in the portside warehouse district for a rumble. The Dukes flee after a brutal beating, and the Hornets take the one remaining Dukes member to an alley in their own neighborhood. The boy is beaten further until Lenny Daniels, one of the gang members, threatens him with a zip gun before letting him go. Later, the Hornets' leader, Frankie Dane, vows revenge against his neighbor, McAllister, who witnessed the fight and informed a policeman, resulting in Lenny's arrest.

Don Siegal (Dirty Harry) directed a cast that included John Cassavetes, Sal Mineo, James Whitmore and Mark Rydell. The film has a great reputation among those who have seen it but since it has never been released on either VHS or DVD, very few have. The score, on the other hand, is hugely famous, entirely due to the original album that was released on Decca featuring Franz Waxman and the Los Angeles Music Festival Jazz Orchestra. Waxman’s Three Sketches, along with Theme, Variations and Fugato are also included here, making this one of our most historic releases of the year!

CD also features an original cover painting by Matthew Joseph Peak.
* Excerpt from the label

Track List

1. The Plot (5:21)
2. The Crime (13:26)
3. The Celebration (4:43)

Three Sketches

4. Nostalgia (3:30)
5. Song (3:55)
6. Blues (2:56)

7. Theme, Variations and Fugato (8:00)
a. Theme ? Jack Dumont, alto
b. Variation ? Joe Mondragon, bass
c. Variation ? Charles Gentry, tenor baritone
d. Variation ? Ray Turner, piano
e. Variation ? Pete Candoli, trumpet
f. Fugato