2. SPARTACUS: The Complete Album Masters

SPARTACUS: The Complete Album Masters

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CD No: VCL-0516-1170
Release Date: 2016/05/30
Format: 1CD

A very special, single CD release of Disc One - all surviving stereo masters of Alex North’s masterpiece Spartacus (1960), previously only available as part of our 6-CD, 1 DVD Spartacus boxed set, is now available! CD includes all of the music featured on the original Spartacus soundtrack album, plus all of the cues that had been selected and prepared for an unreleased second volume, plus a few bonuses like the film’s thrilling Overture! Over 70 minutes of epic stereo Spartacus!

The Spartacus boxed set we released in 2010 was a great success and is one of our best-reviewed soundtrack releases ever! After all, it is Spartacus! The boxed set remains available but we are now very happy to offer this alternative.

Filmed in Technirama, this epic story chronicles one of history’s greatest underdogs ? Spartacus! He and other slaves are sold to an owner of a school for gladiators. Spartacus excels and is rewarded with a slave women, Varinia, for his pleasure in which he demurs. However they eventually fall for each other before a death match for a corrupt Roman senator, Marcus Crassus. After the brutal spectacle, Spartacus is enraged by the death of his friends and the loss of his love. He leads a revolt and bolts. Marching across the countryside to escape over the sea to their homelands, he is elated to find Varinia. Their quest becomes entwined with the political aspirations of Crassus and sets the fate of all three. Spartacus' saga survives the test of time and has been immortalized by this landmark film.

The film starred Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons, Tony Curtis, Peter Ustinov and Charles Laughton. Spartacus was directed by Stanley Kubrick and has recently been released as a stunning Restored Edition Blu-ray.

Limited Edition of 2000 copies. * Excerpt from the label

Track List

1. Overture (4:00)
2. Main Title* (3:17)
3. The Mines (3:01)
4. Caravan (1:15)
5. First Pair (3:44)
6. Gladiators Fight To The Death* (2:20)
7. Brooding (2:20)
8. On To Vesuvius* (4:52)
(a) Forward, Gladiators
(b) Forest Meeting
9. Oysters And Snails (Film Version) (3:07)
10. Hopeful Preparations / Vesuvius Camp* (1:59)
11. Vesuvius Montage (1:19)
12. Blue Shadows And Purple Hills* (3:11)
13. Headed For Freedom* (3:15)
14. Homeward Bound* (6:27)
(a) On To The Sea
(b) Beside The Pool
15. Metapontum Triumph (1:35)
16. Festival (3:21)
17. Expectant Parents (3:07)
18. Prelude To Battle* (5:11)
(a) Quiet Interlude
(b) The Final Conflict
19. Formations (1:35)
20. Goodbye, My Life, My Love ? End Title* (4:16)
21. Spartacus Love Theme* (2:50)
Bonus Tracks:
22. On To The Sea / Infant Burial (3:03)
23. Oysters And Snails / Festival* (Album Version) (3:24)