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Format: 1CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. In Celebration of the Franz Waxman Centenary - 2006!

2006 marks the 100th birthday of one of the greatest composers to ever write for film - Franz Waxman. Waxman’s many classic scores include Sunset Boulevard, Rebecca, The Bride of Frankenstein, A Place In the Sun, Rear Window and Peyton Place.

In 1961 Twentieth Century-Fox released Return to Peyton Place, the sequel to the motion picture that inspired one of the most beautiful scores ever written for a film. Though virtually none of the original cast returned for the sequel, Waxman did. What a joy it is to hear the composer revisit some of his loveliest melodies and further explore them in an all-new score. Also featured in the film was the vocal arrangement of the main theme that became such an enormous hit, The Wonderful Season of Love, performed by Rosemary Clooney.

Finally, 45 years after the film’s release, Franz Waxman’s Return to Peyton Place receives its own premiere release. This CD is truly a celebration of a great composer.

Track List

1. Main Title (3:41)
2. Allison Typing (1:23)
3. Conversation (4:50)
4. Raffaella (5:17)
5. Selena Leaves (4:01)
6. Allison And The Picture (1:54)
7. New York (1:45)
8. Curtains (3:22)
9. You Can’t Love ’Em All (1:09)
10. Connie’s Kitchen (2:21)
11. Raffaella’s Beguine (2:09)
12. Boy Meets Girl (1:40)
13. I’ve Got Something (:51)
14. The Book (5:04)
15. Leaving Rossi’s Office (:35)
16. Don’t You Think About Anything But Sex? (4:11)
17. Stepfather (2:53)
18. Jackman (3:09)
19. End Title (Original Version) (3:09)

Bonus Tracks:

20. Main Title (Mono Version for Records) (3:03)
21. End Title (Instrumental) (1:47)
22. Theme From “Peyton Place” (Demo ? two takes) (1:49)
23. Main Title (Demo with alternate lyrics) (4:04)