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Varese Sarabande Club release. Limited Edition of 1500 copies!
It seems so fitting to honor Alex North’s masterful score for Viva Zapata! on Oscar night. What a shame that the Oscars themselves didn’t feel the same way back in 1953! Viva Zapata! is, without a doubt, one of the great scores of all time. The rhythms are explosive. The melodies are heartbreaking. Viva Zapata! was one of Jerry Goldsmith’s favorite film scores. Goldsmith even conducted his own recording of the score, (as did Elmer Bernstein!) We are ecstatic about offering the world premiere release of the original motion picture soundtrack from Viva Zapata!, conducted by the legendary Alfred Newman and composed by the incomparable Alex North.

Marlon Brando, fresh from his success in A Streetcar Named Desire, delivered a standout performance in this stirring tale of Mexican freedom fighter Emiliano Zapata that was written by John Steinbeck and directed by Elia Kazan. The film also boasts Anthony Quinn's Academy Award winning performance (Best Supporting Actor, 1952) as Zapata's brother.

As if that’s not enough, we have filled out the CD with another Alex North premiere. The 13th Letter is a 1951 film noir directed by Otto Preminger. A remake of the French Le Corbeau (The Raven), The Thirteenth Letter is set in a rural village deep in Quebec, seemingly sleepy and typical. Dr. Laurent (Charles Boyer) returns from a medical convention in Montreal, anxious to see his much younger wife, Cora (Constance Smith). Cora is attracted to Dr. Pearson (Michael Rennie), a young doctor who moved into the town soon after his unfaithful wife killed herself. Soon Pearson, Laurent and Cora all receive letters -- signed “the Raven” -- hinting at an affair between Pearson and Cora, and from there the drama unfolds.

North’s score is brimming with invention. The composer’s film career began with an absolutely astounding collection for film scores … A Streetcar Named Desire, Death of A Salesman, Viva Zapata!, Les Miserables and The 13th Letter. If you don’t know this score (and we think that it’s a safe assumption that you don’t), you have a great film music discovery ahead of you.

Archival soundtrack releases just don’t come any better or more important than this one!
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Track List


Composed by Alex North
Conducted by Alfred Newman

1. Main Title (1:42)
2. What’s Your Name? (:36)
3. Zapata (:59)
4. Zapata’s Love (1:36)
5. Innocente’s Death (1:23)
6. Gathering Forces (3:25)
7. Huerta (3:35)
8. Pablo (2:39)
9. Conscience (2:39)
10. Zapata and Villa Meet (:49)
11. Morelos (1:45)
12. Eufemio (2:37)
13. Zapata Lowers His Hand (1:12)
14. Josefa’s Love (1:38)
15. Josefa (1:02)
16. Zapata Falls (End Title) (2:23)


Composed by Alex North
Conducted by Lionel Newman

17. Main Title (1:23)
18. The Ferry (3:11)
19. Pearson (4:34)
20. Post Office (3:15)
21. The Letter (1:09)
22. Paul Exits (1:30)
23. What You Said About Me (:50)
24. Driving (1:10)
25. Doc Leaves (2:10)
26. Laurent (2:16)
27. Rochelle (:41)
28. Watching (:28)
29. Apartment (2:21)
30. Drummers (2:53)
31. Graveyard (1:26)
32. Country Road (:49)
33. Street (:53)
34. Prosecutor (:38)
35. Gautier’s Wallet (1:42)
36. That’s All (1:40)
37. About Doc Pearson (3:06)
38. Doc and Cora (2:39)
39. No More Mail (1:30)