2. VIVANT (2CD)


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CD No: UZCL-2271
Release Date: 2023/09/06
Format: 2CD

Friend or foe, friend or foe - the adventure begins.

TBS broadcasts "VIVANT" in the "Sunday Theater" slot for the July season.
An unprecedented entertainment opens the curtain on a new era of TV dramas by director Katsuo Fukuzawa, who has created numerous blockbuster dramas, with a cast of Japan's leading superlative actors! " Pushing the Limits! Adventure Drama" has begun!
Katsuo Fukuzawa, the director of this film, has directed many blockbuster dramas including "3-B Class Kinpachi Sensei" seasons 5 to 7, "Vessel of Sand", "Kareinaru Ichizoku", "Nankyoku Tairiku (Antarctica)", "99 Years of Love: Japanese Americans", and recently "Naoki Hanzawa" series, "Rocket Town" series, "Rikuou", "Dragon Zakura", etc. In recent years, he has produced many blockbuster dramas such as "Naoki Hanzawa" series, "Rikuoh" and "Dragon Zakura. His latest production, "VIVANT," is a completely original story that he not only directed but also wrote the original story. The cast is truly a leading force in Japanese entertainment, and the production staff, who have worked with Fukuzawa on the Sunday Gekijo, have gathered together. What kind of chemical reaction will take place? What kind of story will be spun?
The music composed by Akira Senju, a globally active omposer, arranger, and music producer.

Track List


Akira Senju
2 Father's Land Akira Senju
3 Family Love Akira Senju
4 Fate and Bond Akira Senju
5 VIVANT Akira Senju
6 VIVANT Akira Senju
7 Family Love Akira Senju
8 Patriot Mission Akira Senju

1. VIVANT Akira Senju
2. VIVANT Akira Senju
3. VIVANT Akira Senju
4. VIVANT Akira Senju
5. VIVANT Akira Senju
6. Fate and Bond Akira Senju
7. Suit on the Sands Tatsuhiko Saiki
8. Marubishi Corporation Tatsuhiko Saiki
9. Wire Transfer Tatsuhiko Saiki
10. Strategizing Tatsuhiko Saiki
11. Buried Memories Tatsuhiko Saiki
12. Desert Chase Tatsuhiko Saiki
13. Cloak and Dagger Tatsuhiko Saiki
14. Small Talk Tatsuhiko Saiki
15. Kindred Spirits Tatsuhiko Saiki
16. Retaliation Tatsuhiko Saiki
17. Clock's Ticking Tatsuhiko Saiki
18. That Nagging Feeling Tatsuhiko Saiki
19. Chinggis Tatsuhiko Saiki
20. Inconsolable Tatsuhiko Saiki
21. A Fleeting Peace Tatsuhiko Saiki