2. FROZEN II (Super Deluxe Edition) (3CD)

FROZEN II (Super Deluxe Edition) (3CD)

Price(USD): $49.30

CD No: UWCD-9011
Release Date: 2019/11/22
Format: 3CD

Soundtrack includes all new music by Bobby and Kristen Lopez. In addition to the original cast, also contains songs by Japanese cast. Disc 2 contains Karaoke versions, and Disc 3 contains original score by Christophe Beck. Including original 10 post cards. Limited Edition.
ATTN: Shipping charge for 5 discs required.
Release Date: 2019.11.22(Limited)

Track List

DISC 1: 1. "All is Found" - performed by Evan Rachel Wood
2. "Some Things Never Change" - performed by Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff
3. "Into the Unknown" - performed by Idina Menzel (featuring Norwegian singer AURORA)
4. "When I Am Older" - performed by Josh Gad
5. "Reindeer(s) are Better than People (Cont.)" - performed by Jonathan Groff
6. "Lost in the Woods" - performed by Jonathan Groff
7. "Show Yourself" - performed by Idina Menzel and Evan Rachel Wood
8. "The Next Right Thing" - performed by Kristen Bell
9. "Into the Unknown" - performed by Panic! At The Disco (end credits)
10. "All is Found" - performed by Kacey Musgraves (end credits)
11. "Lost in the Woods" - performed by Weezer (end credits)
12. "All is Found" (Japanese version)
13. "Some Things Never Change" (Japanese version)
14. "Into the Unknown" (Japanese version)
15. "When I Am Older" (Japanese version)
16. "Reindeer(s) are Better than People (Cont.)" (Japanese version)
17. "Lost in the Woods" (Japanese version)
18. "Show Yourself" (Japanese version)
19. "The Next Right Thing" (Japanese version)
20. "Into the Unknown" (Japanese version)

Disc 2: Karaoke Versions (11 tracks)

Disc 3: Original Score composed by Christoph Beck