2. TARZAN The Broadway Cast

TARZAN The Broadway Cast

Price(USD): $24.30

CD No: UWCD-8129
Release Date: 2018/12/12
Format: 1CD

[WALT DISNEY RECORDS CATALOG SERIES] Reissue. Soundtrack from the Broadway Cast Disney's TARZAN Musical.
Release Date: 2018.12.12

Track List

(1)Two Worlds(2)You'll Be In My Heart(3)Who Better Than Me(4)No Other Way(5)I Need To Know(6)Son of Man(7)Sure As Sun Turns To Moon(8)Waiting For This Moment(9)Different(10)Trashin' The Camp(11)Like No Man I've Ever Seen(12)Strangers Like Me(13)For The First Time(14)Who Better Than Me(Reprise)(15)Everything That I Am(16)You'll Be In My Heart(Reprise)(17)Sure As Sun Turns To Moon(Reprise)(18)Two Worlds(Finale)(19)Everything That I Am