2. TOKYO DISNEY SEA 20th Anniversary: TIME TO SHINE! Music Album [Deluxe Edition] (3CD)

TOKYO DISNEY SEA 20th Anniversary: TIME TO SHINE! Music Album [Deluxe Edition] (3CD)

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CD No: UWCD-6044
Release Date: 2021/11/24
Format: 3CD

Tokyo DisneySea Music Album release to commemorate the 20th anniversary. This Deluxe edition contains premiere release songs. Also contains Jerry Goldsmith's "Soarin': Fantastic Flight" (arranged by Bruce Broughton)! In addition to this Goldsmith's original song, the other original songs composed by Alan Silvestri, Alan Menken, Mark Mancina, Isao Tomita, Richard Bellis, Don Harper, Gavin Greenaway. Also, some music used in the films composed by John Williams, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Michael Giacchino, Randy Newman, et al.
See composers credit in the track listing which we, Ark Soundtrack Square researched.

This Deluxe Edition pressing housed in deluxe gatefold digipak and contains 60 pages of booklet (many pictures and lyrics).
Release Date:2021.11.24

Track List

[DISC 1] Attraction Music
1 Tokyo DisneySea Theme Song (Brad Kelly, Steve Skorija)
2 Soarin': Fantastic Flight (Ride through Mix) (Jerry Goldsmith, arr. by Bruce Broughton) *Premiere
3 Soarin': Fantastic Flight (Cue BGM) *Premiere
4 Soarin': Fantastic Flight (Screening Room BGM) *Premiere
5 Sindbad Storybook Voyage (Ride Through Mix) (Alan Menken)
6 Caravan Carousel: A Whole New World (Alan Menken)
7 Indiana Jones Adventure: The Temple of The Crystal Skull (John Williams, Richard Bellis)
8 Mermaid Lagoon Theater "King Triton's Concert" (Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, Michael Silversher, Patricia Silversher, Jeanine Tesori)
9 Center Of The Earth (Norman ”Buddy” Baker)
10 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Richard Bellis)
11 Nemo & Friends Sea Rider (Ride Through Mix) (Thomas Newman)
12 Storm Rider Suite (Mark Mancina)
13 Tower of Terror (Richard Bellis)
14 Aqua Sphere Plaza: Day (Isao Tomita)
15 Aqua Sphere Plaza: Night (Isao Tomita)

[DISC 2]Regular Shows & Anniversary Songs
1 Mickey & Friends' Harbor Greeting "Time To Shine" *Premiere
2 We Love New York City (Marco Marinangeli, Dena Diamond, Mike Himelstein)
3 Song of Mirage (Edit Version) (Joshua Spacht, Dena Diamond, Mike Himelstein)
4 Sing Sing Sing (Prima Louis)
5 Step to Shine (Opening)
6 Come Join Your Friends (Opening) *Premiere
7 When Your Heart Makes A Wish (Marco Marinangeli, Dena Diamond, Mike Himelstein)
8 It'll Be Magical! (John Kavanaugh)
9 See Of Dreams (John Kavanaugh)
10 Mickey's Fantastic Caravan (Edit Version)
11 Thanks to You (Kevin Quinn, Tim Heintz)
12 Porto Paradiso Water Carnival "Eterno" (Edit Version)
13 The Legend of Mythica: Chapter 5 (Alan Silvestri)
14 Imagination (Don Harper)
15 Swept Away (English version) (Gavin Greenaway)

[DISC 3]Seasonal Events
1 Pixar Playtime Pals (Marco Marinangeli, Mike Himelstein, Dena Diamond, Michael Giacchino, Alexander Mandel, Mark Andrews, Randy Newman, et al.)
2 Disney Rhythm of World Final (Edit Version) (Mark Spiro)
3 Season of Heart (Alan Lee Silva)
4 Love Is Wonderful
5 Usa Piyo: Spring Into My Heart (Rick McKee)
6 Voyage to the World of Spring
7 Minnie's Tropical Splash (Edit Version) (Marco Marinangeli)
8 Pirates Summer Battle "Get Wet!" (Edit Version) (Klaus Badelt, Geoff Zanelli, Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, Ramin Djawadi, Jim Dooley, Xavier Atencio, George Bruns)
9 Bon Fire Dance (Edit Version) (Scott Erickson)
10 Style! (Edit Version) (Steve Wilkinson)
11 Festival of Mystique (Edit Version) (Adam Gubman)
12 The Villans World (Edit Version) (Marco Marinangeli, Dena Diamond, Mike Himelstein)
13 Mysterious Masquerade (Edit Version) (Sarah Moore)
14 Welcome to Christmas (English Version) (Rick Logan, Susie Stevens)
15 Christmas Family (Gregory Smith)
16 Seven Lights of Christmas