2. Gray Sheep EP02 [Limited Edition] (2CD)

Gray Sheep EP02 [Limited Edition] (2CD)

Price(USD): $28.80

Label: MAGES.(JPN)
CD No: USSW-474
Release Date: 2024/05/22
Format: 2CD

MAGES. and Kei Mochizuki present "Gray Sheep", a love-crime entertainment! This is a major new LOVE&ART content following B-PROJECT. The second volume of the series includes two songs sung by the respective teams, in addition to a drama part with a lot of volume. The drama part of this volume features 10 new characters and accelerates the storyline. In addition, a special track featuring the new team SAP will be included. In addition to the drama part, the album will also include songs from both GOAT and BAD SKUNK! The songs will be sung by 6 members from each team! For the drama part, 10 cast members have been added since EP01! Illustrations by Kei Mochizuki, a popular illustrator with over 800,000 X followers and a history of many works. Chekki-style bromide (one random from 12 types/patterns: SNOW, COLOR, NURSE, SPIDER, JOE, OWL, JUNKY, AK, NERU, CHERRY, SPRING, YP *Patterns cannot be selected *SNOW, COLOR, NURSE, JUNKY, AK, The expression of SNOW, COLOR, NURSE, JUNKY, AK, and NERU is different from that of "EP01").
Release Date: 2024.5.22(Limited)