2. DAITOKAI Original Soundtrack Premium Box -Complete Edition- [Limited Release] (5CD)

DAITOKAI Original Soundtrack Premium Box -Complete Edition- [Limited Release] (5CD)

Price(USD): $39.30

CD No: UPCY-90193
Release Date: 2023/03/22
Format: 5CD

The original soundtracks from the detective drama "Daitokai" has been reissued in its complete version. The detective drama "Daitokai" was produced under the leadership of Yujiro Ishihara himself and broadcast on Nippon Television from 1976. The first was "Days of Battle," which realistically depicted the police force and hard-hitting drama of people living in a big city centering on Kuroiwa (Tetsuya Watari), a detective in the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division 4; the second was "Part II," which introduced Yusaku Matsuda as a young detective and became a popular program with the highest level of scriptwriting and direction while turning to a wildly ridiculous action drama; and the third was "The Last Days of the City," which was a drama with a strong action plot and was broadcast on general TV. Part III," which challenged the limits of general TV action with its thorough depiction of action, all received high acclaim and support. The TV dramas "Daitokai -Fighting Days-" (broadcast period: 1976/1/6-1976/8/3, total 31 episodes), "Daitokai Part II" (broadcast period: 1977/4/5-1978/3/28, total 52 episodes), "Daitokai Part II" (broadcast period: 1978/10/3-1979/9/11, total 49 episodes) Included in this release is "Daitokai -Fighting Days- Original Soundtrack Vol.2" which was not included in the "Daitokai Original Soundtrack PREMIUM BOX" (UPCY-6381/5) released on 2007/4/25, which is currently out of press. This 6-disc set includes all soundtracks released by Polydor (one is a bonus CD featuring theme songs and insert songs by Tetsuya Watari and Mieko Makimura).
Release Date: 2023.3.22(Limited)