2. John Williams: Treesong; Violin Concerto; 3 Pieces From Schindler's List/ Gil Shaham (violin) [Limited Release]

John Williams: Treesong; Violin Concerto; 3 Pieces From Schindler's List/ Gil Shaham (violin) [Limited Release]

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Label: Deutsche Grammophon(JPN)
CD No: UCCG-41110
Release Date: 2022/08/24
Format: 1CD

Reissue. Features UHQCD format.
There's a strangely reluctant lyricism within both John Towner Williams's Treesong and the Violin Concerto. Robert Kirzinger's interesting notes speak of a 'singing quality' and a 'lyrical energy', and one sees what he means, but there is, I feel, an undertow of darkness which, in conjunction with the frequent changes of mood, means that the music does not on first acquaintance strike one as being quite so shiningly song-like as might be expected from this composer. Both works are, in fact, characterized by extended melodic writing, but it is often intrinsically chromatic and seeks to explore the violin's vast range in mercurial changes of atmosphere. The Violin Concerto, dedicated to the memory of Williams's late wife, is certainly the more elegiac of the two pieces, but its restless energy suggests rather a reflection, perhaps upon her character, perhaps upon a shared life. It's a work that benefits from several concentrated listenings ? though one is instantly aware of its quality, it does not immediately surrender all its secrets. Treesong is a less tangible, more mysterious work, reflecting (like the bassoon concerto The Five Sacred Trees) on Williams's love of nature, in this case the magnificent metasequioa trees of Boston. What strikes me most about the work is the remarkable subtlety with which Williams uses the orchestra; he is a great colorist, though certainly not only that. The Three Pieces from 'Schindler's List' are more recognizably by Williams the film composer (this was a Spielberg film, for those who may have forgotten), with a more immediate appeal. They are equally well crafted and beautifully orchestrated, however. Gil Shaham is a dazzling, liquid soloist with a glowing tone, and the Boston Symphony under the composer's baton play with elan; the recorded sound is correspondingly excellent. Ivan Moody -- From International Record Review
Release Date: 2022.8.24(Limited)

Track List

1. TreeSong: Dreamly. 'Doctor Hu And The Metasequoia'. 2. TreeSong: Dreamly. Twice As Fast - Deciso. 'Trunks, Branches And Leaves'. 3. TreeSong: Dreamly. Tempo Primo. 'The Tree Song'. 4. Con: Moderato. 5. Con: Slowly (In Peaceful Comtemplation). 6. Con: Broadly (Maestoso) - Quickly. 7. Three Pieces From 'Schindler's List': Theme. Lente. 8. Three Pieces From 'Schindler's List': Jewish Town (Krakow Ghetto - Winter '41). Andante. 9. Three Pieces From 'Schindler's List': Remembrances. Andante.