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CD No: TMH-005
Release Date: 2007/02/15
Format: 1CD

Rare soundtrack CD provided by the composer. Terry Michael Huud is known as the music for MOVIE MAGIC.
Grand Jury Prize winner in Dramatics at 2004 Sundance film festival. This dystopian sci-fi film is directed by Jeff Renfroe/Marteinn Thorsson and stars Jeremy Sisto, Udo Kier, Lance Henriksen and Deborah Kara Unger.

About the composer:
Terry M. Huud operates his own recording studio in Hollywood California where he composes and experiments in a variety of musical styles and techniques. His work covers feature films for Miramax/Dimension Films and others, television series', television specials, many documentaries, commercials, art exhibits and multi-media events. His work is a permanent addition to the Smithsonian Institutes music archives listed under “The Art of Illusion”. His work can be heard on Discovery channels “Movie Magic” as well as Discovery International's on going television series, Jean-Michelle Cousteau's “Stories of the Sea”.

“Each project has to be challenging. I have to be able to do something I haven't done before. That in my mind is artistic fulfillment.”
-T. Huud

Track List

1.0-Bonus Track
2.0-Main Title
3.0-Cola 500 Ad
4.0-The Virus
5.0-Derek and Simon's dialogue
6.0-Adam Searches the Net
7.0-Hiep Pham's dialogue
8.0-Breaking the Code
9.0-Landlord's Dialogue
10.0-Landlord's Terminal System
11.0-Reviewing the Tape
12.0-Love Theme
13.0-Detective Harris' dialogue
14.0-The Police
15.0-SoundCheck 5
16.0-Aqua Frost Ad
17.0-Trish and Simon Meet
18.0-Simon's Neighbor
20.0-Simon's Ambushed
21.0-Trish Wants to Leave
22.0-The Laundry Room
23.0-The Game
24.0-Phone Conversation
25.0-Love Theme
26.0-Nile's Dialogue
27.0-The Truth
28.0-I am full of bugs
29.0-Simon is Upgraded
30.0-Simon is Dying
31.0-Zero the Mites
32.0-The Farm Corporation
33.0-Glands -End Titles
34.0-Love Theme (unused)