2. THE MAN FROM HONG KONG Restored Deluxe Edition (2Blu-ray+CD)

THE MAN FROM HONG KONG Restored Deluxe Edition (2Blu-ray+CD)

Price(USD): $55.30

CD No: TCBD-1386
Release Date: 2023/04/28
Format: 2BD+CD

The world's first hang gliding attack on a huge evil target with the hit song "Sky High"!
Jimmy Wong in action!
The Hong Kong-Australia co-production is now available on Blu-ray for the first time with 4K restored master, Japanese dubbing of the TV broadcast version, and over 3 hours of special features!

This Hong Kong-Australia co-production depicts the exploits of a Hong Kong Police Special Branch detective who single-handedly takes on a gang of drug dealers based in Sydney, Australia. Produced by Raymond Chow and John Fraser, directed and written by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Starring Hong Kong action star Jimmy Wong. The Syndicate boss is played by George Lazenby, known for his role as the second James Bond. The film also stars Hugh Keith Byrne of the "Mad Max" series, Roger Ward, and other famous Australian actors. Samo Han Kimpo also plays an important role in the film, and his martial arts instruction and battle scenes with Jimmy Wong are not to be missed. The film's theme song, "Sky High" by Jigsaw, was also a big hit for all generations.

The film is about a Chinese man named Chan (Samo Han Kin-po) who is arrested while trying to make a drug deal with a local trafficker at Ayers Rock, a tourist resort in Australia. Upon hearing the news, Detective Fang Shing Lei ( Jimmy Wong ), a special branch officer of the Hong Kong Police Department, arrives in Sydney by himself and obtains information about the organization from Chan's mouth. The boss's name is Wilton ( George Lazenby ), who is known as the king of the underworld in Sydney, and is a big shot who controls the drug and prostitution routes.

The Japanese dubbed voice is recorded as it was when it was broadcast on TV, so some parts without dubbed voice are original voice with Japanese subtitles.

Original soundtrack CD (23 tracks / film master soundtrack) *Different from the soundtrack recordings released on LP by Teichiku Records in 1977.
Original booklet (44 pages in full color)
Reprinted reduced-size Hong Kong version lobby card (12 cards)
Reprinted reduced-size Japanese theatrical pamphlet
Reprinted reduced-size Japanese B5 flyer
Replica of theater discount ticket

Special Feature / Bonus Track: 197-min. bonus videos: audio commentary, "The Making of The Man From Hong Kong," "Uncut: Not Quite Hollywood Interview," "Newsreel Footage," "Trailers from Hel", interview footage, unreleased scene, trailers, still photo collection, slideshow

Track List

Running Time: 106minutes
Original Release Year: 1975
Layers: single-sided/dual-layered
Aspect Ratio(s): 16:9 Cinemascope
Region: A
Subtitles: Japanese
Audio Tracks: English Dolby Digital 6.1ch / English Dolby Digital 2.0ch Monaural / English DTS HD Master Audio 5.1ch / Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0ch Monaural