2. TOKYO GHOUL [PINTO] + Special Vocal CD Album (Blu-ray+2CD)

TOKYO GHOUL [PINTO] + Special Vocal CD Album (Blu-ray+2CD)

Price(USD): $52.30

CD No: TCBD-0511
Release Date: 2015/12/25
Format: BD+2CD

Blu-ray release of TOKYO GHOUL new OVA special anime adapted from Sui Ishida's spin-off manga. Includes special CD featuring 10 titles (opening/ending themes and BGM of TV series). Also comes with booklet, illustrated gatefold box and digipak.

Special Feature / Bonus Track: excerpts from the special event of TOKYO GHOUL ROOT A held on May 31, 2015 (about 35 min.), audio comemntary by Mamoru Miyano and Megumi Han Release Date: 2015.12.25(Limited)