2. BLUE GIANT Special Edition

BLUE GIANT Special Edition

Price(USD): $71.50

Label: TOHO
CD No: TBR-33257D
Release Date: 2023/10/18
Format: 2BD+CD+BOOK

Director Yuzuru Tachikawa adapted the very popular manga by Shinichi Ishizuka. The film music is by Hiromi Uehara, a world-renowned pianist and a top runner in the Japanese jazz scene. The film contains a brushed-up version of about 200 cuts. Includes a bonus Blu-ray with footage from the completion preview and the first day's stage greeting. Digipak and special square outer case.
First Pressings feature a special CD including special track (unreleased) & "WE WILL -with Yukinori-" + sticker, three postcards, a film bookmark randomly selected from 34 kinds.

Release Date: 2023.10.18