2. [REC] 4 (REC 4)

[REC] 4 (REC 4)

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CD No: SWR14015
Release Date: 2014/11/04
Format: 1CD

Coinciding with the film’s October 31 premiere in Spain, MovieScore Media proudly presents the original soundtrack for last chapter of the popular [REC] franchise: [REC]4. Written and directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza, the [REC] films (mostly) follow the adventures of television reporter Angela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) who accidentally comes across a groundbreaking story about an infection that turns people into zombies. Hailed as a groundbreaking experiment with the first person / found footage format, the series now comes to a close with the final chapter on Angela’s battle with the disease. [REC] 4 has already been announced for a November 12 premiere in France and will get a release in the US by Magnet Releasing.

[REC] 4 composer Arnau Bataller originally studied to play the violin and got a degree on the instrument in 1998 - then he decided to specialize in film music, studying the art form at the prestigious University of Southern California. Since graduating in 2002, Arnau had worked on countless American and Spanish projects. Some of his most notable works include Jose Luis Aleman’s H.P. Lovecraftinspired horror films The Valdemar Legacy (2010) and The Valdemar Legacy II: The Forbidden Shadow (2010), the latter of which is available from MovieScore Media. His recent score for Julio Marti’s The Brotherhood (2014) is available from Screamworks Records, just like the music from [REC]3: Genesis.

Though he originally worked on [REC]3 as an orchestrator Bataller’s score for the last episode of the franchise builds upon elements of the story that transpired in the second installment. The key suspense theme (heard in tracks like 'The Medeiros Girl' and 'Inside the House') is reserved for moments of great revelations about the infection and Angela’s transformation into a real heroine. Recorded in Bratislava and mixed with electronic elements created by the composer himself, [REC]4 is an exciting, suspenseful and sometimes operatic experience that is a welcome companion to the music of [REC]3. CD available while quantities and interest remain. -MOVIESCORE MEDIA

Track List

1 Countdown 2:17
2 Inside the House 3:50
3 The Medeiros Girl 3:08
4 First Attack 2:20
5 Security Gates 2:25
6 The Infection: Part 1 2:50
7 Fighting 3:45
8 Recovering the Tape 2:00
9 The Infection: Part 2 3:13
10 Nick the Hero 3:36
11 It’s a Parasite 4:57
12 Angela’s Show 5:36
13 Escaping 2:25
14 Nick the Hero (Reprise) 1:44