Price(USD): $21.50

CD No: SWR13001
Release Date: 2013/06/04
Format: 1CD

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 2003 cult movie Beyond Re-Animator, Screamworks Records releases the world premiere recording of Spanish composer Xavier Capellas' exciting orchestral score for the film. The score follows in the tradition (and quotes the original Re-Animator theme) of Richard Band, giving the low-budget horror comedy a full-grown symphonic backdrop for the absurd on-screen action. Adding a freshness to the old-fashioned orchestral writing, Capellas sometimes injectsmomentum and a modern influences through the means of drum loops, but the score is at heart an entertaining horror score that plays comedy straight and has a lot of orchestral suspense and action to offer. ---from the label.

Track List

1 Prologue 1:30
2 Zombie 1:58
3 Ratty 3:22
4 The Reanimation of Moses 2:02
5 March of the Prisoners 2:43
6 Getting Sincere 1:40
7 NPE Theory 1:55
8 Brando's Ear 3:27
9 The Reanimation of Laura 2:50
10 In Danger 3:48
11 Warden is Back 4:40
12 Let's Get High 1:40
13 You Have to Kill It 3:21
14 Bite Job 2:26
15 Roast Brando 2:03
16 The Way Out 2:55
17 The End of Moses 3:05
18 Beyond Re-Animator 2:30