2. PRESENSE, The


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CD No: SWR11006
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Format: 1CD

When MovieScore Media released Conrad Pope's score for In My Sleep last year, the album was met with great enthusiasm. Ain’t It Cool’s Scorekeeper enthusiastically claimed that ”Pope is an extremely talented composer… … (his) gifts as an orchestrator I'm sure are indispensable to the composers who hire him; however, I would really love to see him orchestrate less and compose more.” Ain't That So! We are happy to announce our second project together with Conrad, releasing his stylish orchestral score for the independent horror feature The Presence, starring Mira Sorvino, on our Screamworks label. The music is very elegant but dark, ominous but beautiful, and it's clear that Conrad Pope has much composition in him despite the fact that he's best known for his orchestration work on some minor movies as the Star Wars, Harry Potter and Matrix series. Our release of The Presence score album co-incides with Lionsgate's US DVD release of the film. ---Scream Works

Track List

1. Main Title 1:47
2. First Night 3:00
3. The Outhouse 2:18
4. Mr. Browman Arrives 2:35
5. News Clipping 0:34
6. Dawn 2:51
7. Outhouse at Night 2:27
8. A Proposal 3:55
9. Whispers 1:12
10. Estrangement 1:07
11. Up the Stairs 4:35
12. Trapped 1:26
13. The Offer 1:29
14. Alienation 1:50
15. Epiphany 1:33
16. Let's Have a Little Fun 1:44
17. Time to Act 0:58
18. Talking to the Dead 2:13
19. Confrontation 1:46
20. Revelation 3:26
21. Journey Back / End Credits 4:12